About Us

The Gift Shop New Zealand Story.

I am always looking for gift ideas to buy for my family and friends. I was thinking if only I could use one website that had an amazing selection of gifts for women, men, kids well all the family. As a true Kiwi, I am always looking for Gifts made in New Zealand or gifts related to New Zealand and the Kiwi lifestyle.

Many of my friends are New Zealand Artists making list here… So, I said to them why don’t I sell your products for you on my website? Your talent and work is amazing, so lets make sure all of New Zealand can see and buy your products on the internet! Why don’t we make sure all of the World can see your work and buy from

I love using Trademe as I am sure to find cheap gifts, but still I wanted one website where I can be sure to find gifts and products I have already bought. I wanted a website I could trust and use all the time. So I decided to start my own Gift Shop! Gift Shop New Zealand! The one-stop-shop for all your gift ideas from New Zealand and NZ Made!