Banana Tree Bowl Set
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Banana Tree Holder and Fruit Bowl


Separate your fruits to help them stay fresher for longer with this Stylish banana hanger and fruit bowl set!

This stylish banana tree holder helps bananas last longer with less bruising. Made of chrome plated steel profile wire.

This elegant banana tree holder will look great in your kitchen. You can also use it for grapes.

“Keep your bananas fresher longer with the Kiwi Banana Tree.”

The Kiwi Banana Tree Holder suspends your bananas keeping them from bruising.

  • Banana tree holder
  • Chrome finish
  • Heavy, round base prevents it from tipping over
  • Allows bananas or grapes to ripen evenly
  • Prevents bruising

No Assembly Required

Product Description

Banana Tree Holder and Fruit bowl

Banana Tree

Height and base is 28cm x 15cm

Fruit Bowl

32 cm x 32 cm

Ideal gift for mother, sister, house warming, wedding present or Christmas gift.

Did you know you can make bananas last longer in your fruit bowl simply by allowing air to circulate freely around them and by preventing them from pressing up against any surface like your kitchen counter top? It’s true, and it is the reason why a banana hanger or banana tree holder is such a popular kitchen accessory. Bananas will turn brown and mushy ripening faster when they are pressed together or leaning on a surface but you can extend their life by suspending them in the air just like when the bunch was hanging from the banana tree. It is simple and sounds unlikely but it’s true and it works.

A banana hanger suspends your favorite yellow fruit above your kitchen countertop or work surface to prevent premature browning, bruising and blackening of the skin and fruit inside. This banana tree holder is shaped and designed to do just that and nothing more than to simply hang a bunch of yellow bananas in the air just like when they were dangling from the banana tree. This simple action can keep bananas fresh for longer with less fruit wastage so ultimately save you money in the long run.

Additional Information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 15 x 28 cm


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